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About Us


Garry and I enjoy our 3 boys and camping as much as possible. We love working out, sports, church, and have a love for dogs.  We have been married for 12 years and met in middle school. Garry has been in banking and finance for 18 years. He currently works as a Vice President of a mortgage company for the past 13 years . He has a Masters in Management and Leadership.  He also holds a Bachelors in Business and Marketing.  Kellee had been a licensed Insurance Agent of life, health, property and casualty for 12 years . She decided to give up her Insurance business to start a family  and then began learning about real estate investing.

We have always dreamed of starting our own investment business.  We made this a reality in 2003. We started off small and from there kept growing into what we are today. We have always loved to make our client's dreams a reality by involving them in the rental process when making updates. We also strive to met your rental needs. We currently own over 5 million dollars in real estate and still going. The sky is the limit, so let's make your dreams come home.
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